COVID-19 #

As Washington state confront the ongoing coron­avirus pandemic, WSNA is working around the clock to advocate for your safety at all levels – with federal leaders and partners, with the Governor, state and local health officials, and directly with health care facilities.

We’re doing our best to keep this page updated on an ongoing basis. You’ll find answers to some top questions as well as links to key sources of the most up-to-date information.

Frequently asked questions #

Personal protective equipment (PPE) #

Assignments #

Staffing #

Can my employer require manda­tory overtime? Can employer require me to go to work when I’m not sched­uled citing​“event of an emergency” that is allowed in the CBA or under govern­ment declared​“State of Emergency”? What happens with the new staffing law? Does the employer have to follow it at all, (e.g., breaks, staffing commit­tees, staffing plans)?

Benefits/​Low Census #

What will happen now that my hospital is closing units and stopping elective surgeries? Can I get unemployment?

Illness #

If I am sick with a high fever and my employer tells me I have to go into work, what should I do?


If I have a COVID related complaint, how do I go about having my voice heard?

Resources #

General resources #

Health­care Provider Recommendations/​Resources



2019 Novel Coron­avirus Outbreak



Corona Virus Response

WA State


Infor­ma­tion for Health­care Professionals



Coron­avirus Technical Guidance



Coron­avirus Disease



Resources on Coronavirus



HEAL-WA Liter­a­ture Search Engine

WA RN Library


HCP: Current Medical Information

WA RN Library

Dynamed​.com; Assis­tance avail­able:

Hotline #


The DOH has estab­lished a call center to address questions from the public. If you have questions about what is happening in Washington state, how the virus is spread, and what to do if you have symptoms, please call the DOH at 1−800−525−0127 and press #.


The Washington State Department of Health is recruiting volunteer health practitioners #

The time is now for nurses to do what we do. We get involved. We don’t sit on the sidelines while our commu­ni­ties suffer. We get things done. This pandemic will not subside without the dedica­tion and effort of our nation’s nurses.

Updates #

Racism is a public health emergency

A letter from Lynnette Vehrs, MN, RN, WSNA President, and Julia Barcott, RN, Chair of the WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare.

WSNA calls for reopening of UWMC inpatient psych unit

The University of Washington Medical Center has shut down the in-patient psychiatric unit, without committing to a timeline to reopen it. At a time when the coronavirus pandemic is raising concerns about the psychological well-being of so many of our residents, the UW is denying needed care by shutting down this unit.

Governor Jay Inslee proclaims May as Nurses Month in Washington state

Thank you, Governor Jay Inslee for recognizing May 2020 as Nurse Month."I encourage all people in our state to join me in honoring the nurses of Washington, especially recognizing the critical and live-saving role that registered nurses have filled around our state, country, and world through the current coronavirus pandemic.

Major win to prohibit use of carcinogen for PPE sterilization

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries today issued a Hazard Alert prohibiting the use of ethylene oxide for cleaning of face masks, including N95s. This alert is a result of WSNA’s efforts to raise the alarms and advocate for the safety of our members.

A message from WSNA President Lynnette Vehrs

"Know that WSNA is fighting for your safety and your needs through the coronavirus pandemic—with federal and state partners, public health, and employers," says WSNA President Lynnette Vehrs.

I lost visits with my kids because I’m a nurse

Instead of 10 days with my kids, I’m now alone, separated from them indefinitely because a judge agreed with my ex-husband that my job as a nurse puts my kids at risk, and granted an emergency order barring me from seeing my own children.

Unions demand hazard pay for health care workers

Frontline health care workers are putting their lives on the line to save the lives of others. In view of these extraordinary circumstances, WSNA, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW and UFCW 21 issued a joint statement demanding hazard pay for health care workers as they face this pandemic.

In the media #